Well I'm not sure what I am going to blog about after I finish showing you more pictures from my project featured in Southern Homes magazineMarcy Simpson took such gorgeous photos and really showcased my work.  I am humbled.

Yes I am still blabbing on about my recent 15 minutes of fame....kind of like when I painted my floors white.....just couldn't shut up about it and found a way to weave it into every conversation.

I'm nothing if not consistent.

Let's get right to it.

The basement.....which as you can see below was not built out at all and just used for storage.....

After.....don't ask me the color of the stain....I don't know it:)

I love how these knobs kind of mimic the iron panels.....

Looking past this sliding door you can see that there are 2 more rooms.....a den and a bedroom.

After staining.

The husband and wife are big readers so for once I had no shortage of books!

Pretty much everything downstairs had been upstairs so we repurposed it all.  The only thing new was this leather Charles Stewart sofa.

She had the rug which I loved.....

Looking through the doors you can see her former family room furniture all recovered....Nothing new except for the 2 blue ottomans.

And I gathered all of the colorful art to make a gallery wall of her favorites.....

Let's go all the way to the third floor.....where I repurposed more....

See the paint chips?  Those were the colors in her previous dining room rug.  I used it for one of the guest rooms.

And there were 2 of these cute little numbers in her former living room.

Desk painted....chair painted.... reused mirror.... all art was hers.

Guess what....since I have to run off to Orange Theory I will have enough for one more post....I know.....shoot me right?

I've been trying to work on a fashion post....those suckers take time but I'll get to it!

Friday kids....let's whoop it up!

Sheriky Freaky


Sorry I "ghosted" Last Friday....I was leaving for Chicago and try as I might just couldn't gather my thoughts to pull together a post:)

Speaking of Chicago......I was with my sister and we were going up for my nephews baby shower........but our flight was delayed 5 hours due to a snowstorm.  

I wrote this after about 4 hours....ha ha

We got to the airport at 9:30 and the flight finally left at 4:40.....needless to say it was a long day.

3 things I think Delta could do to make delays more fun....have someone to give neck massages, maybe a mani-pedi station....and the best thing would be a puppy room where you can just pet and play with them.....everybody knows puppies reduce stress!

But oh so worth it!  The first grandchild in our family will be here in late March.

They had the event at The Dunham Woods Riding Club and the decor was amazing!  Hopefully you saw some of my instastories.

The walls and this frame....right?

They are having a boy!

Who knew I loved gummy bears so much......

And of course it isn't a news flash that I can put away some cupcakes.....

This is my niece and cute right?  She works for Knoll in NYC.  I was amazed when she told me that she uses Rent The Runway weekly for all her clothes.  She explained that she has not bought any clothes in forever and no dry-cleaning bills!

Before I left I delivered this pillow with this gorgeous Scalamandre trim.

This office is coming along....Thibaut wallpaper and Circa Lighting pendant.  If you look carefully the ceiling is high gloss white!

I started working on this plan.....look at me doing color!

I thought I would be tired of my dark walls by now but I'm not!

Neither is Cami!

And I found out that Florance Knoll had a sheepdog:)

I discovered these new wallpapers by Thibaut...

They look like wood!

And I started this book which is excellent....

OK....I think you are all caught up on my life.....haha


BEFORE AND AFTER MASTER BEDROOM AND BATH I last one to know about the Puppy Bowl?  I mean I guess I've heard about it but this time I actually watched it and it was hilarious.  Just watching those puppies made my heart all mushy.

This was the first weekend in a long time that I did not have appointments....and boy it felt good.  No Agenda !

And....I actually thought about cleaning out my closets but then I slapped myself to come to my senses.

I still have some before and afters from the Southern Homes article.  This renovation by Ladisic Fine Homes seems to go on forever!

The bedroom and master bath were totally revamped!

Before master

This window was replaced....and we took the bookshelves and moved them.  This allowed for more closet room on the other side.

Not sure if you can tell in this image but we added wood paneling to the ceiling....

The Lee Jofa trim on the curtains...

This beautiful Schumacher fabric for a pillow on the bed....

We kept her bed and lamps only adding new white shades!

Before of master bath pretty now huh!  The shower was enlarged and a window added for light.

Before of the deck tub.


The wall color is SW Passive and it is a new favorite of mine.

So....only the upstairs and landscaping left!

A little TMI for you today.  At my age I don't expect to be sporting pimples.....right?  But yesterday I awoke to look at my face with 3 monsters staring at me.  

One above my eyebrow....fairly on my nose that was bothersome but the real kicker was right below my bottom lip at the corner of my mouth.

That one is a real beacon....and I expect it to be around a while.  So if you see me try not to stare:)


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